Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cooking Classes

Due to the high cost in gas, I want to make the classes worth your time and money. I will offer one cooking day each month at my home in Blanco. It will be from 10:00 - 3:00. I will also invite all to come with no set price. I will do it donation only as some can't afford much. I so understand that.

We will learn something new each class and prepare ourselves lunch to share. I ask that each family bring a side dish to share. Please bring a copy of your recipe to share. I would love this to become a fellowship time as well.

Here is the plan for September:

Sept 30 - Sugar-free Grape Jelly, Tortillas, and Sugar-free cookies.
Please bring a filling for the totillas. Chicken salad, taco meat, etc. Share with us your ideas. We will eat tortillas with fillings for lunch and then cookies for snack. Everyone will get to take home jelly. Please take into consideration that I am not a professional tortilla maker. I am teaching this class to regular moms who have regular kitchens and have a small budget. I have been trying different recipes for years and I found a recipe that is considerate of my time and taste. I make them from whole wheat. We will grind the flour, create a tortilla mix, and prepare tortillas to eat!

Please RSVP via email before September 18.

I will post the October class before the end of September.

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