Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cooking Classes

For those in my neck of the woods, I will be offering cooking classes in Blanco and New Braunfels. The schedule for July is now:

Cooking with Sugar Subsititutes - We will sample a variety of sweetners and will try some recipes void of white refined sugars. I will also talk about the different sweetners and their advantages and/or disadvantages.

Blanco - July 12, 10:00am
New Braunfels - July 26, 10:00am

Other upcoming classes will include:

Celebrations - How to prepare special meals and treats without all the artificial additives and refined products.

Homemade Jellies and Jams - Everyone will help prepare homemade jellies or jam to take home.

Mixin' It Up - How to prepare your own natural mixes to make cooking quick and easy. Ex. biscuit mix, cake mix, spice mix, etc.

Easy Scratch - I will show you that making meals from scratch doesn't mean you have to slave in the kitchen all day!

Homemade Cleaners - You will go home with recipes for making homemade laundry soap, hand soaps, bathroom cleaners, etc. We will also make some for you to take home and try.

Hopefully more to come!

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