Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All Things Granola

* As embarrasing as this is (I apparantly have very few readers), I am going to extend the contest. "Elle" I would love to give you some granola, but feel this isn't a very exciting contest! I will chose a winner Friday September 26 at Noon. For those locals, I will be at Blanco Market Days September 20th.*

I am now offering my homemade granola for sale in individual (0.5 lb) and family (2 lb) sizes. To celebrate the beginnings of this endeavour I am hosting a contest for a free individual-sized bag of granola.

My granola is completely natural and contains no white sugar. I take great care in feeding my family well and would do no less! It is a mixture of rolled oats, honey, highest quality organic molasses, unsweetened coconut, raw unsalted sunflower seeds, unsalted butter, and the finest pure vanilla I can find. I love to eat warm granola with vanilla yogurt. Yum!

I am currently working on a "All Things Granola" cookbook with recipes using granola. Granola bars, granola bread, granola cookies and more! Stay tuned.

To enter my contest please post with your favorite breakfast idea. Be sure to include your email address (or some way to contact you). If you link this contest on your blog page I will enter you in twice for the bag of granola. Please post again with a link to your blog page. Contest ends on September 19th, Noon.

If you don't want to wait to win the contest, you can now purchase granola using the "Buy Now" buttons on the side bar. And as always - Thank You for visiting!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll bite (no pun intended). My tastes tend to be simple so early in the morning (still to groggy to think straight), so for me, breakfast would be granola and soymilk. *drool*

cm4tracie said...

I love granola straight. Or on yogurt. Can't go wrong there. Oh, and I have read your blog before... several times. I just never win so I didn't see the point in commenting. But here is my chance to end all that! LOL Pick me!

Anonymous said...


(If I comment twice, do I get two entries into the drawing? lol)