Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blood Sugar and Foot Funk

Well I tested my blood sugar for a little over a week and recorded everything I ate. It turns out I have low blood sugar. Imagine that! My midwife said she wasn't worried about my sugars and I could stop checking them 4 times a day. I couldn't tell that any particular thing would cause my sugar to drop, but it just seemed like if I didn't eat regularly my blood sugar would plummet. Of course I don't eat a lot of white sugar. But I did experiment and had a root beer one day with no drop in my blood sugar. After pregnancy I may check my sugars again to see what causes change.

The foot funk is still no where to be seen. I haven't added in the grapefruit seed extract yet, but still taking probiotics. I plan on taking those through the pregnancy since the pregnant state can alter your body chemistry. Even the dry, scaly skin is gone!

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Hilty Sprouts! said...

Hello! I'm visiting your blog via Becky's fitness blog. I want to try some of your recipes! My husband has similar problems with foot fungus and warts (sounds lovely doesn't it?). Could you tell me what kind of probiotics you are using and how often? Thanks!