Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boba Carrier Review

Ok, I have had the all-new organic Boba baby carrier for a few weeks now, so I felt I needed to offer a consumer review. As most of you know I have worn my 4th child in a Sleepy Wrap since she was 1 week old. And since she is now 17 months old and quite mobile, I tried out the Boba carrier.

I want to start with I LOVE THE SLEEPY WRAP! That being said, the Boba has its perks! But let me start with the Sleepy Wrap. This style of a wrap is awesome. It gives me plenty of back support, is adjustable to the
person and the baby, and is easy to carry around with me. The method of criss crossing the wrap across my back really offers a lot of back support.
By tightening the wrap lifts the baby higher and the higher the baby is the better your back will feel. If you wear the baby too low, your back won't like you very much! And the allowance for
a wide shoulder strap takes all that weight and evenly distributes it. And because you wrap it around you, it fits your body! Same goes for the baby. This is really stretchy jersey-type material and the baby can fit snuggly in there no matter the size of the baby. Shoot, I have put my 6-year-old in there just to prove she would fit! And the
sleepy wraps comes with a handy little drawstring bag that you can pack your wrap with you wherever you go. So those are my top 3 biggest points for the Sleepy Wrap.

Looking at the Boba I was a little skeptical because it was set-up like a b
ack pack carrier. The straps were narrow, even though well padded. But here we go . . . The Boba has a nifty feature not found in other back pack type carriers - a waist table (I made that name up!). There is a stiff piece about 5-6in tall around your wa
ist. All the baby weight sits on that and there is very little pressure on your shoulders. The back-pack style comes in handy because it is relatively quick to put on. So when you have a bouncy kid that wants up and down, this would be quick to put on. But it does require someone to help you most of the time. There is a hard to reach closure behind your back. I did do it by myself, but it was challenging and required a patient toddler. But I'm sure I will get the hang of it. My toddler LOVES the
Boba, just as much as she loves the Sleepy Wrap. It is a little more bulky to pack around with
you than the Sleepy Wrap, but the guys are gonna much more excited about this one than the Sleepy Wrap. The Boba is also much more compatible for on the back than the Sleepy, which the guys like.

I will definitely be using both carriers. They each have their purpose. But if you can only afford one, I would highly suggest the Sleepy Wrap! You can't use the Boba with an infant, but you can use the Sleepy for both infants and toddlers. The Sleepy is much more affordable and very durable. I have washed mine many times. But if you are already past the infant stage and need something that dad and mom can use, go with the Boba.

I don't have the Boba's up on the website yet, but email me for details.


nicole said...

I have a question. I have a handmade Sleepy Wrap that I purchased thru Etsy.

I had it for the first when he was an infant. but I didn't feel that he was secure in it, and his weight would slide him down every move that I or he made.

Now, we have a second one coming soon. I didn't know if i should purchase another sling/carrier. I really don't want to.

but Maybe I was using the wrap wrong? Did it feel like your child was slipping lower?


Felicia said...

Hey there. The website has moved to www.allthingsgranola.com, but I will happily answer your question.

I don't know what material your wrap is made out of, but with the Sleepy Wrap you need to put the wrap on tight. Especially with the little bity new ones, you want to carry the baby high. So put the wrap on (directions link on website) and make sure it is snug. Then stretch it out and slip the baby in.

I never had trouble with the baby slipping unless I put it on too loose to begin with. It needs to feel pretty snug.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I tried to post this on the allthingsgranola.com site, but it wouldn't let me leave a comment and said something about text entered didn't match (like I was supposed to enter a word verification like on here, but there was no place to type anything else in...)

Anyway, you're wording is a bit confusing- but you should know that stretchy wraps like the sleepy and moby are not ever suitable for back carries (sleepy never had directions for back carries and moby has now removed theirs I believe). The child can easily flip out if they lean backwards - please check out thebabywearer.com for more information. The only suitable wrap for back carries is a woven wrap (which is more comfortable overall for carrying older babies anyway..) it is much wider and not stretchy. Storchenwiegi, didymos, neobulle, girasol are popular brands.

The difference between the Boba and other soft-structured carriers is the foot straps, not the waist. The waist is called a "structured waist" and the popular "crotch danglers" don't have a waist at all but every SSC does (ergo, beco, oh snap, kinderpack, etc). So... crotch danglers and soft-structured carriers are not the same category- they are completely different.

I hope this doesn't come across as rude or mean, I just thought you should have this information and knowledge (especially about the back wrapping) as a distributor and blogger.

Felicia said...

Thank you for your concern, Anonymous. I have never tried using the Sleepy Wrap on my back but at one point I did find instructions to do so on the Moby website. And although I couldn't find it now, it doesn't give a warning not to do so. But I appreciate the caution.

And the use of a Boba or Ergo is new to me, as I stated in the post. I agree it is not in the same category as back pack carriers and that was what I was trying to get at. Sorry that my wording wasn't clear.

I will look into the website and see what the problem is. Thanks for the heads up on that.

Candra Georgi said...
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Candra Georgi said...

did you get this from amazon? i got a boba to review too!

Felicia said...

Candra, I am a reselling of the Boba Carrier and get them from the company.