Thursday, December 3, 2009

Update on Bradley Training and Midwifery School

Thank you to all who support me!

I am so excited. I leave in 6 days to attend Bradley Childbirth Instructor training in California! This is a long awaited event for me. I am very excited to offer Childbirth Education as part of All Things Granola.

God has opened some "BIG" doors and I am in the process of applying for midwifery college. As soon as the application is processed I will begin school! The birth of my fourth child has changed my life in so many ways. After three hospital births, I decided to have our fourth child at home with a midwife. What a life changing event for our whole family. You can read that story here.

I couldn't have done that without the Lord leading us to Bradley Childbirth Classes. And now I would love to share that with others on their journey of childbirth.

Then the opportunity arrived where I could get financial aid to a midwifery college. Wow what an exciting opportunity! The Lord also put a wonderful Christian midwife in my life just as we had moved to a new state. She has agreed to teach me and do my clinical. I'm so excited!!

And of course this does take money, time and dedication. So please pray for us as we adjust to my new schedule. Pray that I will be able to balance all my duties, especially after my hubby leaves for deployment. Pray that all the finances will be taken care of and our families needs will be met. And thank God for all the blessings he has shown us!

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