Sunday, November 15, 2009

Turkey Pot Pie

What to do with all the leftover turkey?

Turkey Pot Pie is one of my favorites because it has endless possibilities.

Chop how ever much turkey you want to use - 2 cups is a good amount for a deep dish pie plate.

Put the turkey and your selection of veggies into the pie plate. I use a combination of frozen peas, frozen corn, diced potatoes, chopped carrots, and frozen broccoli (or whatever I happen to have in the freezer).

Cover the meat and veggies with cream of chicken soup. If you are using canned, use two cans and some milk. If you make your own you don't need to add the milk.

If you want to make it cheesy add shredded cheddar to the mix.

Cover your pie with drop biscuits and bake according to your biscuit recipe.

Cream of Chicken Soup

In saucepan melt 3T butter.
Add 2 T arrowroot powder and whisk.
Add 2 cups milk and stir constantly on med-high heat.
Add 1 T Chicken base or powdered bouillon. (If you have leftover turkey or chicken you can add it in too.)
Add a little salt and pepper. Stir until thick.

For cream of mushroom I add 1 can of mushrooms.

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