Friday, July 24, 2009

A burn Healed!

We had a terrible scare last month when my oldest daughter was cooking and splashed her face with hot oil. The burns covered the right side of her lips, chin and right cheek. It was quickly evident that it was 2nd degree burns as it began to turn gray and then black. After a visit to the ER, we were told that she would scar because they couldn't give her burn medicine that close to her mouth.

While it finished oozing and was stil an open wound we just put Bacitracin on it, but as soon as it closed up I gave my daughter a stick of Young Living's Lavender lip balm. She applied the lip balm on her burns as needed. A week later the burn spots were almost not noticable. Two weeks later and no one knows she got burned! It was a great example how God uses the things he gave us to heal!

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Sarah Criddle said...

Wow, that's so awesome!!! I wish I would have known about it when our middle girl spilled HOT coffee on her fore arm. Very scary. Thanks for sharing!