Monday, March 30, 2009

History Has Been Made

Over the years, as we homeschool, we come across good resources and great resources for our families. One of those great resources I came across a few years ago was Vision Forum. This year I have partnered with Vision Forum to bring my customers great resources! Watch the side panel for current Specials and Offers.

My church was really pumped up and excited about the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival this year, especially with the release of Fireproof. Due to family changes, we were unable to attend, but we definately felt the excitement. And when all was over and members of our church reported what a great and uplifting time they had, I really felt like we missed out. But, lo and behold, Vision Forum is now offering the event on audio CD: History Has Been Made.

The 14-disc set has beautiful music, dynamic speakers, and exciting moments. The topics covered speak to the Christian family trying to raise their children in an ungodly world. The media is such a strong force in our lives, we need to be on guard and protect our children from its draw. Dr. Voddie Baucham, Kevin Swanson, George Sarris, and Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr. bring important issues to the surface. Charlie Zahm and the Von Trapp children offer beautiful music. And Doug Phillips gives detailed introductions and history throughout the whole event. And as an added bonus a panel discussion with the creators and actors of Fireproof, including Kirk Cameron.

And to really feel like I was there, I bought The Widow's Might, winner of the 2009 San Antonio Christian Film Festival. This was a great movie, well done with a great meaning. My kids were especially excited to see friends from our church as actors! And I own Fireproof and highly recommend owning this film too! Just thought I would mention that.

History Has Been Made is a great set to listen to in the car or for family time. The speakers used examples and thought-provoking questions to encourage us to really evaluate what the television is bringing into our homes. And for the aspiring film entrepreneur, Ted Pittenger and Kevin Swanson touch on specific issues relating to that industry. End the event with the awards and more music!

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