Sunday, October 19, 2008

Slings, wraps, and baby carriers . . .

Have you tried one or several different baby carriers? What did you like?

When I had my older children I tried those front-pack type carriers from Wal-mart. Yuck! I never could get comfortable in that and defaulted to carrying the baby on my hip. But on baby #4 I have discovered something wonderful! It is called the Sleepy Wrap.

What a wonderful piece of material! The stretchiness of this wrap is what makes it so easy and adjustable. I have had my baby in this wrap since she was 1 week old. It was great for cradling her in there and supporting her head. And now at 3 months old she can hold her head up and look around. She loves her view of the world around her! I am hands free, so I like it too. And it doesn't hurt my back!

Unlike slings, I can bend over and she stays close to me and doesn't swing out away from me. When she is sleeping I can tuck her head under the wrap and no bobble head. My picture on the menu is Sprout peeking out from the wrap.

As part of All Things Granola, I am now offering Sleepy Wraps for sale! What a perfect Christmas gift for the new mom or mom-to-be's! And affordable too!

Order a sleepy wrap for only $35 + tax and free shipping until November 15.

From the Sleepy Wrap website:
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