Sunday, October 21, 2007

LBS Menu

Here is the menu for the rest of the week.

Scrambled eggs with salsa, cheese stick, celery with cream cheese, rice with chicken cream sauce, brussel sprouts, cheese stick, chicken, whole wheat pasta, okra & tomatoes, celery with cream cheese. I still woke up with a headache, but feeling much better. I was not tired by late afternoon!!!

Cooked oats, cauliflower, homemade milkshakes, salmon, brussel sprouts, okra, beef stroganoff (with whole wheat noodles and homemade sauce), spinach, cheese stick. Still woke up with a slight headache and woke up very hungry! I am getting tired of being hungry all the time. I had terrible tummy upset after that milkshake. Very sad about that because they are so yummy.

Celery with cream cheese, handful of popcorn (home popped), cheese stick, pasta salad (with whole wheat pasta), cheese stick, Chicken stir-fry, rice, swiss cheese. Feeling fine, just hungry. Right before bed my stomach started to hurt again. Woke up fine this morning though.

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